Kensington Market

Had a great time today exploring the Kensington Market and Chinatown area with my mom, who came to visit me from Guelph. My mom definitely enjoyed looking at all the amazing graffiti artworks and murals that cover this neighbourhood.

We also came across a tiny French and Japanese café on Baldwin Street called Little Pebbles and tried their Matcha Tiramisu which tasted sooo delicious.



Re-opened my Etsy shop!

Excited to share with you guys that I’ve re-opened my Etsy shop called Milo Loves Earth!

My shop had been inactive for quite some time since July because I was busy sorting things out for school and getting ready to move to Toronto. But in the last few weeks I was excited about the idea of starting the Etsy shop again and especially since Christmas is coming up, I thought people might want to buy cute dog bandanas for their their dogs or give them as christmas presents to other dog owners.

Anyways, I wanted to post some photos of my dog bandanas here 🙂








I was inspired to practice drawing today and created little doodles. I uploaded them to illustrator after and used the pen tool to trace the drawings and filled them in with colour. I’m still very much a beginner at illustrator and using the pen tool, but I hope to practice some more and share my work on here to see my progress!



If you have time, you should also check out this cool website called The Bézier Game , which has really helped me become a little more comfortable using the pen tool.

ImpressArt Review

Hey, friends! Recently, I’ve been interested in the idea of creating my own personalized jewellery that I can wear and also make for my friends and family as gifts. After watching a few videos on YouTube and reading from other craft bloggers about metal stamping, I found that ImpressArt was a great brand and very beginner-friendly.

I went to a local Michaels and purchased a basic set of the ImpressArt 3mm Newsprint Uppercase letters ($24.99 CAD), ImpressArt Stamping Hammer ($24.99 CAD) and a set of 20 metal blanks that came in multiple shapes ($7.49 CAD).


The ImpressArt basic metal stamp sets are great for stamping on soft metals like aluminum, pewter and Alkeme. It also comes with a cover that is layered with the bottom case. This actually took me a while to figure out since the cover is not advertised on the packaging.

Comes with a cover!

I was very excited to test out my new craft tools and started to practice metal stamping on the metal blanks and also experimented with other mediums like leather. Turns out, metal stamping is a lot harder than it looks and I had a lot of tries before I could produce a decent piece to show. Here are some photos of my stamping tests (Yes, I have a lot practicing to do!) :

Overall, I was really pleased with the way the impressions were turning out, but this quickly changed as I was trying to spell out the letter HOPE and I realized I was missing the letter P and had two F letters instead. I even searched the internet to see if other crafters have had this same problem and found that it was quite common for ImpressArt to have some missing letters and doubles of others.

I was definitely not happy with this and was able to exchange my ImpressArt Newsprint set with an ImpressArt 3mm Bridgette Uppercase set, which retails for the same price. I made sure to check that no letters were missing from my new set before I left the store, since I didn’t want the same mistake to happen twice.

Apart from my mishap, I do think that ImpressArt has some really great metal stamping products and makes it easy for beginners like myself to start this new hobby. I’m sure I’ll purchase more ImpressArt products in the future, but I’ll also remember to double check that everything is there before I buy it!